The Project

Inspired Ground is a seasonal musical anthology and documentary project, that sets out to tell the story of the “busker” and their music in different cities around the world, through motion pictures and a curated album of unique, original busker music recorded raw in the field.

Anthology Album

The Anthology album is the centerpiece of the Inspired Ground Project. A curated collection of original, never-before heard music recorded in the field, complete with all the ambient sounds of urban environments and an archival preservation of spontaneous artistic expressions happening in virtually every city, but which most of us are too busy to notice.

The artists themselves benefit through exposure and generous royalties from album sales, while the rest of us get a truly special selection of live music outside of the mainstream and cultural snapshot of cities around the country.


Project – YouTube

YouTube Channel

Inspired Ground’s YouTube Channel profiles the buskers we encounter in the cities we visit through candid videos produced in the field, introducing the artists and including one original track or cover song.


Project – Documentary


A feature-length documentary following the lives of buskers showcased in the Inspired Ground Anthology and the cities they work in will be produced concurrently and released along with the album. Sponsor candidates are invited to learn more about the full scope of the film.